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 Actual Version:  Capturix NETWorks Version 8.04.184
 Release date:  2011-04-19

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Help & Support




PingCheck is a very useful utility to check if a group of network devices are working, with PingCheck you create a list of IP addresses to be Ping.


After that the utility will ping that list every period of time adjusted by user, if there is a error on this check, the utility can send a E-mail or even a SMS to your mobile phone.




1. Press Add to add more network addresses


To remove press Delete


To rename the Description just click on the item and change the description.


Press Go to start the activity.


You can adjust the ping time interval adjusting the scale on the bottom of the window


You can also adjust the ping timeout (default is 200ms)




E-mail Configuration


Press E-mail


If you want to receive a e-mail if there is any problem:



Check the option to send a e-mail if failed:


1. SMTP Server - the send mail server provided by your ISP


SMS Configuration


Press SMS


If you want to receive a sms if there is any problem:



Check the option to send a sms if failed:


Choose the internet to SMS operator you want to use, this operator will give you a Account Name and a Password.


Enter the information.


Remember phone number must have 00<country code><phone number>


Command Line


If you run NetCheck.exe (the filename of the application):


NetCheck.exe mingo - Runs the application, minimized and with Go button pressed


NetCheck.exe go - Runs the application with Go button pressed



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