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 Actual Version:  Capturix GPS SDK Version 6.11.94
 Release date:  2013-11-22

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Private Sub Command1_Click()

     Timer1.Enabled = True

    GPS1.Port = Val(Me.display(6).Text)


 End Sub

 Private Sub Command2_Click()


 End Sub

 Private Sub Command3_Click()


    Timer1.Enabled = False

 End Sub

 Private Sub Command4_Click()

     Dim filex As String

    filex = "C:\Sample.kml"

     GPS1.CreateGoogleEarthPlaceMark filex, "Sample Placemark", "SampleGPS"

    MsgBox "File written on " + filex

 End Sub

 Private Sub Form_Load()

     On Error Resume Next 

    Me.Caption = "Sample Application for Capturix GPS SDK  Version " + GPS1.Version 

End Sub

 Private Sub GPS1_Error(Description As String)

     MsgBox Description, vbCritical, "GPS Error"

 End Sub

 Private Sub Timer1_Timer()

     display(0).Text = GPS1.GPS_Time

    display(1).Text = GPS1.Satellites

    display(2).Text = GPS1.Altitude + " " + GPS1.AltitudeUnit

    display(3).Text = GPS1.Longitude

    display(4).Text = GPS1.Latitude

    display(5).Text = GPS1.Speed

End Sub



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