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Founded by Alexandre Simoes, Capturix Software Technologies has been producing engineering solutions since 1998. We specialize in software development for Video Capture.


Our first software title was Video Capturix 98, released in 1998 and one of the first software compliant with almost all video cameras.


Since 2002 Capturix have a European Office (PORTUGAL), here we make research and development for many market targets such embedded electronics, medical software, shareware and video security applications.


Some of our most famous titles were: Screen Capturix, Capturix BabyWatch, MobileDriveSync, Capturix VideoSpy and Capturix Scanshare.


In 2004 Capturix made the Video Acquisition system for Portuguese Police Force to be used during European Football Cup in Portugal a fully customized video capture system that was installed in all police squads.



Some of our famous software titles


We also did many special integrations of video systems in special environments such commercial boats, special buildings, etc.


We established some partnerships with other companies to be able to work on other markets, Capturix builds Mobile Mapping Vehicles that can record georreferenced video, spherical cameras to make special videos with 360 view and Mobile Mapping Systems for trains.


In 2008 Capturix received a 2nd place in the Epsilon Award and we changed the company strategy to be more competitive and to bring more advanced solutions to the market, we also released one of the most advanced softwares in the world. FaceCapturix can search faces in your photos to match the face you want to search.


In 2011 Capturix was acquired by a USA group of companies specialized in different areas, we are developing new applications for the next generation of operating systems.


Our mission is to release advanced solutions for our professional costumers, but also release shareware for home costumers. This is a try before buy software company.






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