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 Actual Version:  Capturix ScanShare Version 12.01.901
 Release date:  2016-01-23

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Frequently Asked Questions


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          Under Windows 2000 setup application is unable to register a DLL/OCX !

When I start installing the software, I get to the part where it tries to register the ocx/dll  files and the scanshare.exe service.  For both of these operations it says unable to /register/ the  DLL/OCX:/RegSvr32 failed/ with exit code /0x3. It gives me the options of abort retry and ignore.


This problem should be solved by installing Microsoft DirectX 10 or higher.


Microsoft Windows 2000 does not bring any DirectX engine installed you should do that by direct download or Windows update.


See more:


How to register under Windows 7


    New Windows 7 security features requires that you register the software under Administrator privileges, after you receive the key to register the software you must run the Capturix Scanshare application as Administrator:


Right Click on Capturix Scanshare icon >> Run as Administrator

Capturix Scanshare service stop or don't start, what to do ?


    First we need to know what is causing this problem, there are some reports that on computers running Microsoft Office some scanner models requires the Office CD-ROM to complete the instalation.


    To see the Capturix Scanshare error messages you should the following:

Go to the Windows Control Panel and select Administrative Tools

Select Services

Find Capturix Scanshare and select Properties on the right-click menu

Check "Allow service to interact with desktop" and press OK

Press Start to start the service and you will see any error message that appears.


If you see the Microsoft Office installation tool you should insert the instalation CD-ROM because the setup application will ask for it during the installation.


Any other error message send us a e-mail if possible include a screenshot.:

I use a Firewall how can i unlock Capturix ScanShare ?


    If you use a Firewall you need to allow Capturix ScanShare service applications.

    This is example to Windows Firewall but its similar to other Firewall applications:

Go to Windows Firewall configuration and click exceptions tab, then press Add program... button and allow

CapturixDoScan.exe and CapturixScanShare.exe applications.


To open the port of the Capturix ScanShare Webserver, just press Add Port... and allow TCP port that you configure (by default is 80)


How to configure with ZoneAlarm Firewall ?


    You should allow this program on the Program Control:

    1. Select Program Control

    2. Add


    3. CapturixScanshare.exe (in Program Files > Capturix Scanshare, by default)

    4. Add

    5. CapturixDoScan.exe (in Program Files > Capturix Scanshare, by default)


You should see this 2 items on the Program Control


Can Capturix ScanShare work with IIS ?


    Yes, you will need to configure a different port to ScanShare. Just go to configuration, select Server and choose a different port (eg:8080)


Capturix ScanShare does not respond to Scan/Copy operations...


    If its the first time you use the application you will have to select scanner on the Configuration window.


Capturix ScanShare will work with Windows 95/98/Me ?


    No. Only past versions will work with this operating systems versions.


Capturix Scanshare does not print on network printer...

The service installed fine.  From another computer on the network I can click the copy button and the scanner will run.  Then the screen says "Printing", but nothing happens with the printer.

Is it because this is a networked printer?  All computers on the network can see and print to this printer.


Capturix ScanShare runs as a system service, so the username will be SYSTEM and that does not have access to network resources.

To resolve the problem, just go to services control panel, and put a username and password of a user that have permissions to use the network printer.

Select This account enter a username and a password that have access to that printer (Administrator is recommended).


How can i access from remote computers ?


    ATENTION: Scanshare should be installed ONLY on server computer (the computer that have the scanner connected.)


    It's very simple, if you open the ScanShare configuration window >> Server,  you will see the local ip of the computer that is sharing the scanner:

To access from a client/remote computer:


- Open Internet Explorer



Then type the link that is on ScanShare application:


example: http://mycomputer:8080  or


You will see this page:

Now you can click Scan or Copier and navigate on the scanner menus.


Capturix ScanShare does not respond under Windows 7 or higher


   When installing the software you should run the Setup with administrator privileges (Right mouse click Run as administrator...)



















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