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 Actual Version:  Capturix VideoSpy Version 9.08.2235
 Release date:  2012-08-29

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Security is important not only for public places and bussinesses but also for our home; fortunately today, video surveillance has become one of the most important ways to protect property.

Capturix VideoSpy is one of the most complete softwares for video surveillance, stable and ready for application to any solution, from home needs up to large enterprises.

It supports any video capture device VFW (Video for Windows), WDM, FEB, WNV and even the computer screen can be watched.

 With this software you can record all video activity with a programmed schedule, insert data in picture, work as a motion detector, record sound, have events trigger program alerts (example: suppose the motion detector detects a movement-an e-mail can be sent!). Lights, sensors and electronic devices by using Capturix open source ActiveX give users the tools to create their own devices.

This software also supports motorized cameras: using a standard joystick you can control all your surveillance cameras. (Note: for this feature an open source ActiveX control is also available).

 A space manager prevents you from getting a full hard disk.

The remote access feature allows you to connect to your remote system in order to activate alerts, electric devices and see recorded images in video archive or even get live images from all your cameras connected to this system using a WEB BROWSER like Internet Explorer or Netscape.

With IP poster you can send a redirection page to an FTP server and have your dynamic ip address computer available anywhere.

An Administrator password prevents normal users from changing settings or disconnecting devices.

All application states, user actions can be saved as an Activity Log file all actions and events can used to search for a image on media archive. You can even capture the screen of the computer -- this can be especially useful if your computer is shared among several people. This application can be integrated with POS or Access Controls to record/show data on video.

You can control lights, air conditioning systems and all other electrical systems-- in ways that will let you use your space intelligently. Video Clip Maker enables you to create video security movie clips in AVI format, this will allow you to select your backups, and play it on any computer with a simple movie viewer like Media Player.

NEW ! Microsoft Windows Media Stream Capture  (you can capture video from Windows Media Server).


Special Features

- Motion Detection

- Internal Watchdog

- Digital Zoom on Viewer

- Sound recording

- Image Recording can be trigged by motion detection

- Motion Detection adjustable areas and sensitivity

- Image Recording can be trigged by External Hardware or Clock

- Activity Log

- Independent Camera Configuration

- Recording while playing

- Adjustable image resolution

- Hardware I/O Automation and Control

- Adjustable frame rate for each camera

- Adjustable frame Rate for playing

- Adjustable compression quality for each camera

- Camera Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Focus contro
lled by Joystick

- Alarm for camera turn off

- Unlimited Alarms and Notifications

- Archive viewer

- JPEG,BMP,WAV Format Compatible

- Data In Picture for each camera (Text,Date,Time,Status)

- Search by date or events

- User Skin for each camera

- Integrated Network Administration via Web Browser

- Remote Access

- User Levels, Password Protection for permissions unlimited number of users.

- Video Clip Maker (AVI builder for Security Videos)

- World Wide Mobile SMS SERVICE

- Ready for Multiple Processor systems

- X10 integration (inputs+outputs)

- E-mail with attachments of the camera images



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