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 Actual Version:  Capturix VideoSpy Version 9.08.2235
 Release date:  2012-08-29

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User Add-Ons

There are two files that you can place on the application directory that produce a very good way to implement your own add-on.

A. Including application calls on Capturix VideoSpy Menus:

1. Create a text file called: addmenu.ini

2. Write the number of options you want to add:

Each line of the file will be a new menu option:


Run Mode,Menu Option,Application

Run Mode =

0. Normal

1. Minimized

2. Maximized


2,Windows Task Manager,C:\Windows\system32\taskmgr.exe

If you put %user on the Application line like ( c:\taskmgr.exe %user) this will replace with the logged user.

This line will create a menu option called Windows Task Manager, and when selected opens the window task manager.

3. Save and Run the application.

B. Embedded applications:

This option able you to run applications when the software starts, ends or system starts.

1. Create a text file called: addons.ini

2. Write the number of applications you want to add:

Each line of the file will be a new application task:


System State,Run Mode,Application

System State=

0. System Startup - Operating system

1. Software Startup

2. Software termination

Run Mode =

0. Normal

1. Minimized

2. Maximized



This line will run Windows Task Manager in normal mode when the software terminates.

3. Save and Run the application.




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