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 Actual Version:  Video Capturix 2011 Version 10.04.948
 Release date:  2011-04-06

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Question: Is that possible to build a external trigger device ? 

YES. You can use RS-232 feature to build a external I/O trigger. See:


Question: After the first reboot my computer is giving a error message "OLEAUT32.DLL error" ? 

ONLY IF YOU ARE RUNNING WINDOWS 95/98 you should download a repair tool for this files from
can be found at

Question: I have a older version of Video Capturix installed can i install Video Capturix 2011 ?

Yes, but first uninstall the older Video Capturix, install Video Capturix 2011 and restart your computer.

Question: ATI Card's with new WDM Driver does not work. Any suggestion ? 

I've used Video Capturix with various ATI All-In-Wonder cards (All-In-Wonder, Pro, 128) with no problems.
Since ATI changed to the WDM drivers I've never been able to get Video Capturix 2001 or 2002 Demo to work even when using the VFW wrapper, purely by accident I found that if the Huffyuv video codec is installed along with the VFW wrapper, Video Capturix works fine. I know it works with both the All-In-Wonder 128 and All-In-Wonder 7500 and the new Catalyst drivers.

The Huffyuv codec can be found at

Thomas S.

Question: Does Capturix software supports Windows ME ? 

Yes ! Capturix Software is compatible with all Windows 95 or higher.
Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT

Question: Can't find my device in Video Capturix Device List. 

Your device driver must support Video for Windows device, if you have only a WDM driver download vfwupd.exe and run this file.
Download: vfwupd.exe

This is a VFW to WDM Mapper, than select Microsoft Image Capture driver in device button

Question: Do I need to uninstall the trial version and then download the full version ? 

No, After you register Video Capturix 2011 you will receive all instructions to unlock Trial Version.
Question: Would Video Capturix work with my video capture card/webcam ?
If your device is a Microsoft Video for Windows compatible device, it will work.
See also: Video Capturix compatibility

Question: What is the best settings to record a small video clip to send via e-mail ?
This is a very complex question because there are some factors that you must decide:
- A CODEC with a very compression ratio slows the capture operation, this may be responsible with many dropped frames. (A very fast CPU can resolve this problem).
- Reduce Frame Rate. ( 12 or 10 recommended)
Audio must be set to 8000 hz , 8 bits, mono.
Remember AVI are a very big file when have a more than 5 minutes.
Question: I have problems capturing video clips with audio...
Many people thinks that is a software problem but your system have to be configured to capture audio, you have to see also if you have selected the right audio channel and check if audio signal is connected to your sound card.
See also: User Manual - Audio Problems
Question: I have problem uploading images to FTP Server with Windows 2000, Video Capture Locks. 

You must remove TCP/IP Security mode (must allow all ports).


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