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 Actual Version:  Video Capturix 2011 Version 10.04.948
 Release date:  2011-04-06

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Video Capturix - Features
Video Capture Devices:

All working with Video for Windows and DirectShow: VFW and WDM + IP Cameras and WMV streams

Movie Capture

Able you to capture a video clip to a AVI File, from any video source even from your webcam.
All capture routines works with direct access to video hardware drivers to prevent dropped frames.Able you to freeze and capture image from any video source.
Even if you have selected other capture mode you can capture a single image, just press F11.
Capture from 1 up to 30 fps, including NTSC frame rate.
Timed shot shutter, able you to take timed snapshots or motion frames to make a movie or a group of image files. (eg. 1 frame every 3 minutes).
Image Capture
You can save this image to BMP or JPEG file format.
- Insert Time, Date, Text.
- Put image on clipboard to use in other application.

- DV Snapshots with Timecode
Image effects:
- Flip Horizontal
- Flip Vertical
- Negative
- Greyscale
- Soften
- Sharpen
- Diffuse
- Emboss
- Solarize
- Lighting Effect
- Reduce/Increase Bit Depth
- JPEG, TIF, GIF, BMP, PNG, JPEG 2000 supported.
Multiple Image Capture

Also you can save this images in 6 different ways:
- Movie file AVI.
- BMP files ( like 0001.BMP,...).
- JPEG files (like 001.JPG,...).
- Same BMP file (refresh same file)
- Same JPEG file (refresh same file)
- Put on Clipboard

- Send a copy of the captured frame to a FTP Server.
- Internal Web Server for streaming video.

TWAIN Scanner

You can use Video Capturix 2011 to scan documents using any TWAIN compatible scanner.

DV Export

You can use Video Capturix 2011 to transfer AVI files to DV tapes.

Windows Media Stream Capture

You can use Video Capturix to capture Windows Media Streams over the internet.


- Clock
- Motion Detection
- RS232
- Joystick
- Audio Level




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